The student council and VeSte life can be quit challenging with loads of meetings, tasks and responsibilities. Meeting effectively, using our agendas and tasks list in the right way can save the day! We work in several different teams e.g. our party, the student council and even with WUR council. Over the year, we gather a lot of experience in meeting effectively, learning how to manage our time and functioning as a team. We combine all this knowledge with supporting theories into a set of trainings to help you out to work nicely with your committee or board!

Effective Meetings
Do you dislike meetings that take too long? Or do you have difficulties discussing topics due to unclear instructions? Then sign up for the training ‘Effective Meetings’. During the training you will learn how to make an useful agenda for the meeting, and how to use the agenda as guidelines to stay on topic and discuss it as effective as possible. The training consists of theories, our experiences and an exercise where all the new knowledge can be applied to.

Find your Team Role
What is the perfect team? How do you become one team? When doing a board year, or participating in a committee, you have a team that consists of all sorts of people. During this training we explain different theories of people’s characters. We will analyse your team and explain what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to deal with all these different types of people in your team.

Time Management
We all know it. You had a couple of appointments, but now you don’t have any time left for your action points. That is why we have the training ‘Time Management’. We show you how to arrange meetings in your agenda, how your task lists should be set up and how to deal with the endless series of emails. Do you want to end your working week without time stress, then follow this training!

Are you someone with great ideas, but you do not know how to implement them in your organisation? In the Lobby training you learn how to constructively influence decision making in an organisation. 


Do you want to follow one of these trainings? Sign up! We will send you more information about the training via your mail address.