The past few months, the VeSte faction together with some motivated students has been working on the foundation of a student association. The aim of this student association is to bring WUR decision making closer to students, and to get students more involved. An example of this is the Education Committee, in which themes like the annual number of resits and the schedule of the academic year can be discussed. By working together with the fraction, we can bring you one step closer to WUR employees involved in these matters, so your ideas will be heard more easily. You can contact the association in case you face issues or have suggestions, but you can also become part of a working group within the association, so you can be part of the problem solving yourself and make your ideas matter!

Furthermore, the association aims to contribute to the professional development of students, by offering courses herself and by bringing demand and offer together for students with a desire to develop a specific skill. Also, if you possess a certain skill that you feel is valuable for other students to have as well and are willing to teach it to them, we are more than willing to make a plan with you to make things work. Furthermore, we are planning to organize discussion evenings during which WUR experts will introduce you to issues WUR faces and give some background, after which you will be given the opportunity to discuss these issues and express your ideas. If you would like to become a member, please send an email to and we are sure to invite you to our next event.

Currently, this association is still in its infancy: we are still developing and setting a course, which makes this also a perfect moment for you as an active, ambitious student to contribute to our development! If you have ideas about how we can get students more involved in WUR policy making, or if you have suggestions for how WUR can be improved, please do not hesitate to contact us via!