Do you want resits directly after the winter break?

We do not. VeSte 2022-2023 approved the new resit policy for academic year 2023-2024 onwards and ensured that no resits would be scheduled directly after the holidays.
For more information on the academic year 2023-2024 and the most recent updates, click here.

Do you want to be able to warm up your lunch?

We do. VeSte initiated the installation of microwaves at Forum and we lobby for more microwaves, as we see the queues!

On study places on campus.

We know studying on campus is a great benefit to students and we want to ensure all students can do so if they want. We extended the opening hours of the library in the weekend between the self-study week and exam week, so you have more freedom to study when you want.
VeSte is in direct contact with the facilities department and we lobby to have more ergonomic workplaces on campus, as we hear the need for this.

Do you want to feel safe while studying here?

We do. VeSte is actively involved with improving social safety of all students at WUR. If you ever feel unsafe, please reach out to the confidential counsellor or your study advisor.

Do you want to be ready for the labour market?

We do. VeSte believes the university has a responsibility to prepare you for the labour market. To aid you in this, VeSte set up the Student Career Services, which has been up and running since 2015.

Do you want subsidy for sustainable investments?

We do. Sustainable investments can be quite costly. To alleviate some of the costs, VeSte initiated the Sustainability Fund.