The Structural Policy consists of the established norms and the constant elements that make up the core identity of VeSte and whom it represents. This document is the basis of the yearly VeSte policy and ensures the continuity for VeSte’s members, enabling them to provide what the active student needs in order to thrive.

VeSte Structural Policy – 2023

In the policy plan, we elaborate on the vision and plan that is at the heart of our efforts. If you have any thoughts, ideas or problems, feel free to contact VeSte.

VeSte has three core values that are the foundation of the party: Future-proof Education, Personal Development, and an Active Student life. At all times, these three pillars ensure that the interests of active students within Wageningen University are represented and applied to every dossier and initiative VeSte works on. More information regarding these pillars can be found in the Structural Policy of VeSte.

The 27th faction has set several goals to achieve. Firstly, VeSte is focused to maintain the quality of education offered. Additionally, VeSte strives to preserve the Wageningen student life. Likewise, we strive to provide ample opportunities for personal development, sustainability at WUR and improving facilities to ease the life of students.

VeSte Policy Plan 2024

Annual Reports

Our annual reports elaborate the vision and the focus of the factions and summarise the main accomplishments and new initiatives.

Annual report 2022-2023

Annual report 2021-2022

Annual report 2020-2021

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