Letter to Rector Magnificus to address issues around FOS

Student associations in Wageningen play a crucial role in student life and the city. They provide a platform for students to come together, organize activities, and develop themselves. Despite the stress and time commitment involved, these associations contribute to the vibrancy and inclusivity of Wageningen as a student city.

The board of the university proposed to reduce financial compensation (FOS) for the committees that organize activities from which Wageningen Student Life benefits

VeSte and the WKvV decided to write a letter together with associations @ssrwageningen@ksvfranciscus@wsvceres@unitas_wageningen and @njisri directly to Arthur Mol and the executive board of Wageningen University and Research. The aim is to ensure that student associations can keep organising activities the way they are currently doing, so associations can continue uniting and maintaining the student experience!