1. Sterre Hoek van Dijke

Sterre is a third-year student of the bachelor Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning at WUR. She is an active member of study association Genius Loci, where she is part of multiple committees.  Sterre is also a member KSV Franciscus where she loves doing activities with her year club and sorority. She has been an AID-mentor and is also actively involved in the mentor program for first year Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning students. She works on improving education at the WUR by being a member of the Programme Committee where she has been active for a few years. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing games and visiting new and exciting places on holidays.

Sterre believes that maintaining and improving high quality of (online) education needs to be top priority at WUR. In the past year, online education has become a great part of student life. WUR is known for its’ small-scale education and personal approach. Sterre believes that online or blended education should not affect the education at WUR.

Next year, Sterre also wants to encourage student initiatives for improving student life and the student environment. Student initiatives bring innovative ideas to campus and improve the overall student experience. She believes WUR should give students the opportunity to actively contribute to changes at WUR. For instance, a budget can be made available to support student initiatives.

Do you want Sterre to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

2. Daphne Louws

Daphne is a first-year student of the master Nutrition and Health. She is an active member of the study association Di-Et-Tri, where she did a board year and has been a member of several committees. She has been involved with the University as 1-on-1 walk along days and as student-assistant in multiple courses. In her free time, she likes to have a beer and some food with her friends. You can often find Daphne and her friends at Sports Centre The Bongerd, but you can also spot her in and around Wageningen during one of her walks or on her inline skates. 

Daphne believes that other forms of education will challenge students to improve their development of skills. Challenge-based learning or interdisciplinary collaboration can stimulate creativity and will prepare students for their academic career. At WUR, a large part of education is focused on gaining knowledge, this is often tested by multiple-choice testing.

She also wants to improve sport facilities to increase prevention of RSI/CANS. Online education has increased the risk for RSI/CANS and other physical complaints. Online education has increased the risk for RSI/CANS and other physical complaints. More and better opportunities to exercise and participate in sports can help students relax and has the added benefit that it prevents RSI/CANS complaints.

Do you want Daphne to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

3. Anne van de Rijdt

Anne is a fourth-year student of the bachelor International Development Studies and a member of study association Ipso Facto. Next to her studies, Anne is an active member of student association SSR-W, where she really likes to spend her free time.  As someone who really enjoys student life, she likes to have a drink with friends, go out and meet new people, but also to go out into the nature around Wageningen. Having participated in larger committees at her student association and at various volunteer projects at Vluchtelingenwerk Wageningen, she is now excited to focus on VeSte and represent active students next year! 

Anne believes there should be more focus on development of soft skills at WUR, especially in Social Sciences. Soft skills are essential in preparation for working life and students now must search for experience and development outside the classroom. Group work is for example greatly integrated in study programmes, but with little to no attention on how to work in groups effectively.

Next to that, Anne believes that there should be more opportunities for career orientation. At WUR, students are not educated for a specific profession. That is why it is important that students create a vision of their future careers through career orientation. Career orientation can help guiding students when they are planning their individual study programme and can help students to work towards their future.

Do you want Anne to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

4. Eefje van Dael

Eefje is a third-year student of the bachelor Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning. She is active at the student rowing association W.S.R. Argo, where she is currently a coach of a first year rowing team. Although she does not row much herself anymore, she likes to make rowers give their best as a helmswoman. Besides that, Eefje is a proud member of the study association Genius Loci, where she did a board year as the Commissioner of Education and is still actively involved. She was also active at the university as an AID-mentor and as hostess for a walk along day. Currently, she is a student member of the Programme Committee's Daily Board of her study programme. Next to this, she is a big fan of ballet, likes to enjoy the sun while sitting at the Rhine and enjoys having dinner with her roommates and friends.

Eefje wants to create opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities can stimulate students develop themselves outside the classroom, which is of great importance. These activities also help students to develop skills that are important for their academic careers, but also relevant skills for outside their study programme. Students need to be supported in this, for example by appointing ECTS to extracurricular activities.

She also strives to ensure that software is available to every student at any time, free of costs. Bring Your Own Device requires students to invest more money, for example in their laptop or in software. However, not all costs are accounted for by the university. For instance, Adobe licenses are mandatory for some study programmes, but the recurring amount of €132,75 students now need to pay each year, is not reimbursed. WUR should ensure that software needed for education is always available for students, to keep study programmes accessible for all students.

Do you want Eefje to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

5. Noortje Rutjes

Noortje is a third-year student Animal Sciences. She is an active member of study association “De Veetelers” and a member of the Frisian Association, W.S.S.F.S. Next to that, Noortje does not like to sit still and is part of sport associations W.S.S.V. IJzersterk (ice skating) and A.W.S.R. Hipac (horse riding). She likes to socialise and is part of multiple committees at the study and sport associations. Besides sports, Noortje likes to join friends or roommates for a drink.

Noortje believes WUR should support students struggling with their wellbeing and health, especially during and after COVID-19. WUR should invest in creating social interaction between students and create accessible support for students. This can be done by giving students opportunities to get in touch with counsellors or other students who can help them with their struggles.

Noortje also believes that WUR should decrease its environmental footprint by critically developing trash separation and waste streams and by increasing vegetation on campus. She wants to keep the campus as green as possible. The WUR should take action towards a more sustainable campus.

Do you want Noortje to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

6. Floor Tankink

Floor is a 21-year-old student of the master Nutrition and Health. As an active member of W.S.R. Argo and Di-Et-Tri, Floor was part of the first-year committees of both associations and is currently active in the cooking committee of W.S.R. Argo. During her bachelor's, Floor took part in the WUR Honours Programme and joined the WUR Urban Greenhouse Challenge. In addition to being an active student in and outside the classroom, Floor likes to hang out with her friends and roommates, experiment with new baking recipes and enjoys running in Wageningen and its surroundings.

Floor believes that the transition to on-campus next year should be facilitated well by WUR. The past academic year was an extraordinary year to study due to COVID-19. When circumstances allow, it is necessary to facilitate the transition of online education towards blended and on-campus education. Practical classes such as lab work, computer practicals, presentations and group work should have priority to assure the personal and professional development of students. This transition is necessary for all students, and most importantly for students who started their studies last academic year.

Floor also believes that learning not only provides substantive knowledge but also life-long skills, will make students better prepared for the future. Skills such as presenting, debating, and writing, but also communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills should be better incorporated in courses. Skills-based learning should be facilitated by small-scale education to ensure high quality and proactive education.

Do you want Floor to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

7. Johan van de Ven

Johan is a second-year student International Land and Water Management. On the one hand he is an active member of student association Ceres on the other hand he is also active for the university by being AID mentor and member of study association Nitroca. Besides being active he also knows when to take some time to relax and have some drinks with his year club and roomies. Furthermore, as exercise is important to him, Johan enjoys playing with his football team and running outdoors.

Johan wants to maintain the current resit possibilities to make sure all students will have equal opportunities. When WUR reviews its resit policy next year, students should be involved in creating a better policy for resits where students still have many and equal opportunities.

Johan wants to have inclusiveness for everyone, from every background and culture. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he experienced that inclusiveness is more important because it is more difficult to create an inclusive culture than other years. Therefore, he will speak up for the (international) students and strive for a more intercultural and inclusive community for all students.

Do you want Johan to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

8. Levi Kusters

Levi is a third-year bachelor student Biology. He is a member of Biologica and SHOUT. On top of that, he is very engaged with WSKOV (choir and orchestra). He did a board year as Treasurer in 2019-2020 and is still active in the financial committee. Next to this, he has a lot of hobbies, including playing piano and composing music, yoga, walking, painting his nails and hanging out with his roommates and friends from all different walks of life.

Next year, Levi wants to ensure students benefit from the investments and the quality of our education increases as a result of the investments. Since the loan system is implemented, WUR receives extra funding from the government. This funding is given to improve the quality of education. The plans to spend the funding on were made end 2018 and next year, WUR will evaluate how the plans are coming along. Furthermore, Levi believes that readers and schedules of courses should be available and complete at least one week before the course starts, rather than at the start of the course. With regards to digital facilities, he believes that all laptops, regardless the operating system, should be supported by the university for your study.

Do you want Levi to represent you in the upcoming Student Council? Don’t forget to vote between 7-10 June!

9. Marloes Rietveld (W.S.V. Ceres)

10. Emiel Dijkstra (K.S.V. St. Franciscus Xaverius)

11. Bram Duurland (SSR-W)

12. Erik van der Velde (Unitas)

13. Sim Lammers (D.L.V. Nji-Sri)

14. Jaap van der Kolk (W.S.R. Argo)

15. Luuk Adang (W.K.v.V.)

16. Tinko Jans (SWU Thymos)

17. Ellen Hollak (ESN)

18. Tijmen Pietjouw (Nicolas Appert)

19. Frederieke Slager (CODON)

20. Carlijn Mentink (Apollo)

21. Josca Breeman (Aktief Slip)

22. Joep Bosdijk (Pyrus)

23. Jenna van Vulpen (W.S.B.V. Sylvatica)

24. Kim Snippe (Ipso Facto)

25. Edwin Geling (Nitocra)

26. Anne van der Peet ("De Veetelers")

27. Mirthe van Noort (WSKOV)

28. Abigail Broeken (Integrand)

29. Stan Peeters (Enactus)

30. Alysha Hendriksen (AIESEC)