The current 26th VeSte faction exists of 8 students. They represent all active students in the academic year 2022/2023.

From left to right: Wietske de Groot, Maartje van den Bosch, Robert van Houten, Wybrig Bakker, Sanne Vermeij, Geert Schroen, Wessel Weterings & Levi Kusters.

Maartje van den Bosch

Function: Chair VeSte & Commissioner National Affairs VeSte

Portfolio: Education, Integration, Student Wellbeing, Future perspective WUR, Facilities, Student Charter.

Projects working on: Financial compensation Student Council, BYOD, Student Civil Servant, Student Housing & Integration of students in Wageningen.


Wybrig Bakker

Function: Chair Student Council & Vice-Chair VeSte

Portfolio: Education, Student Well-being & Finance

Projects working on: Resits, Student Charter & Quality Agreements


Geert Schroen

Function: Secretary VeSte

Portfolio: Education, Student Charter, Communication, Student Wellbeing, Events & Trainings

Projects working on: Field Excursions, Student Charter, Communication


Robert van Houten

Function: Treasurer Student Council & Treasurer VeSte

Portfolio: Facilities & Organisation, Finance, Student Charter, Personnel, Acquisition

Projects working on: Event planner app, Studying without Limitations, Summarized Education and Examination Regulations


Wessel Weterings

Function: Commissioner Internal Relations VeSte

Portfolio: Finance, Promotion, Communication, Elections & Safe Education

Projects working on: Financial help desk


Levi Kusters

Function: Commissioner Public Relations Student Council & Commissioner Public Relations VeSte

Portfolio: Finance, Promotion, Events

Projects working on: BYOD, Gender Inclusion


Wietske de Groot

Function: Secretary Student Council & Commissioner Events and Association

Portfolio: Acquisition, Events, VeSte Association, Facilities and Organisation

Projects working on: Menstrual Poverty, Online Learning Environment, RSI/CANS prevention, Bike light vendor on campus & Euroleague for Life Sciences