The current 25th VeSte faction exists of 7 students. They represent all active students in the academic year 2021/2022.

FLTR: Sterre Hoek van Dijke, Johan van de Ven, Floor Tankink, Daphne Louws, Noortje Rutjes, Anne van de Rijdt & Eefje van Dael.

Daphne Louws

Function: Chair Student Council & Chair VeSte

Portfolio: IT, Student Facilities, Strategy & Education and Corona

Projects working on: Aurora & Quality Agreements


Floor Tankink

Function: Commissioner of Public Relations Student Council & Vice-Chair VeSte

Portfolio: Education & Student Facilities

Projects working on: Food & Beverage, Study Anytime Anyplace, Quality Agreements & Extended Daytime Schedule


Noortje Rutjes

Function: Secretary Student Council & Secretary VeSte

Portfolio: Finance, Facilities & Education

Projects working on: Sustainability Fund, Menstrual Poverty & VeSte Association


Johan van de Ven

Function: Treasurer Student Council & Treasurer VeSte

Portfolio: Education, Finance & Regulations

Projects working on: Quality Agreements, National Program Education, Sustainability fund


Anne van de Rijdt

Function: Commissioner Internal Relations VeSte

Portfolio: Finance & IT

Projects working on: Study Anytime Anyplace, OSIRIS, Erasmus+ & Municipality


Sterre Hoek van Dijke

Function: Commissioner of National Affairs VeSte

Portfolio: Education, Facilities & IT

Projects working on: Surf Your Stress, Education During Corona & Flexibilization


Eefje van Dael

Function: Commissioner of Public Relations VeSte

Portfolio: Education, Digitalization & Student Rights

Projects working on: Flexibilization of Education, Student Charter, BYOD & Euroleague for Life Sciences