VeSte Faction ’23-’24


Six students will represent you in the upcoming academic year! We hope, as an active student, you will support our candidates. VeSte is a Student Council party that stands for active students; students who are motivated to develop themselves both inside and outside the classroom. They can do this by being members of all sorts of associations, or are active elsewhere and engage in activities that develop talent, knowledge and skills. VeSte supports these students, and we do this based on three core values: Future-proof Education, Personal Development, and an Active Student Life! This year we have worked hard to safeguard these standpoints and the candidates will continue this work next year! Read all the statements of the candidates below and see what they will get up to next year!

#1 Wijnand Fredriks

Wijnand is a fourth-year bachelor Business and Consumer studies student at WUR. He is a member of student association K.S.V. Franciscus and the study association Mercurius. Besides his life as a student, he tutors high school students. In his spare time he likes to play sports, such as futsal and fitness, and spends time with friends, housemates, and family.

WUR is known for its high-quality education, and Wijnand believes this should be cherished, by prioritising maintenance and improvement of our education. The world keeps changing and developing at an exponential pace. Therefore, WUR should continuously look to adjust and improve the alignment between theory and our external environment. To prepare students for future real-world issues with a suitable set of skills and knowledge, our education should strive for practical relevance, by integrating theory with hands-on learning.

#2 Steg Snelders

Steg is a fourth-year economics and governance student here in Wageningen. He is an active member of the study association Mercurius Wageningen where he did a board year and was a part of several committees.

In his free time he likes to do all kinds of sports. Together with my housemates he participates with a lot of enthusiasm and a bit less talent in the knotsbal and beachvolleybal competitions of Thymos.

Steg became a candidate for Veste because he believes everybody should be able to be optimally prepared for their exams therefore, he thrives for a better exam preparation in quantity and quality for all students. In his believe, all courses should have a least one representative practice exam so students know what they can expect on the real exam.

Next to that Steg also believes that each course should record all their lectures and make them available in the self-study week. This to ensure that if students missed a lecture, they can still watch it.

#3 Yueran Zhao

Yueran is a second-year master’s student in animal science. She is an active member of Argo, where she is a part of the well-being committee and trains hard with her team. Besides that, she is a member of ISOW (International Student Organization Wageningen), where she did her board year as a marketing coordinator in responsible of promotion.  

Next year, she wants to focus on helping students exploring their interests and developing their full potential during their student life. She believes that students can benefit from various activities besides their studies, such as doing side job as student assistants, doing a board year, being a part of sports teams, or playing musical instruments. Furthermore, Yueran aims to further increase awareness of these beneficial activities among students and improve equal accessibility of on-campus part time student jobs to all students which will enable students to combine education, employment and other interests such as leadership skills and sports. She believes that exploring these various interest is vital for the personal development of an active student. 

#4 Evan Ackermans

Evan is a third-year student of the Bachelor Agrotechnology He is an active member of the student association Heeren XVII. He is currently also a member of the Programme Committee BAT/MBE, where he currently is in the board.

Evan believes that there has to be done something on the image of WUR. Although the university is ranked as the best University in the Netherlands for the eighteenth time in a row, a lot of disciplines studied at the WUR are not commonly known. Some disciplines encounter critique from the public opinion. Improving the branding of WUR could also help to emphasize those techniques and projects we are proudly working on at the WUR. By working on more awareness of these disciplines we can make a step forward to help this beautiful university on its mission: “To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life” and retain the title of best University in the Netherlands. 

#5 Vaibhav Vishwanath

Vaibhav is a first year MSc student Biobased Sciences. He is an active member of the student association ISOW where he is doing a board year and he is also a member of Centauri (Handball). Besides this, he is also a member of the study association CODON as a part of their ‘Master-cie’.

Next year, Vaibhav wants to ensure that students are better prepared for their career after they graduate from WUR. He believes that by offering more career orientation, students will be more aware of how they can kickstart their professional life after WUR. Vaibhav also strives for WUR to keep improving on its mission of sustainability through better food options and implement more sustainable practices when building/renovating any infrastructure.

#6 Noor Holleman

Noor is a third year bachelor Communication and Life Sciences student at WUR. She is a member of student association K.S.V. Franciscus and the study association Ipso Facto. Besides studying, she works at the restaurant H41 in the centre of Wageningen. In her free time she loves to do all sports from fitness to boxing and loves to be outside as often as possible and spend time hanging out with friends and housemates.

The students at WUR are provided with many facilities within the campus. These facilities range from possibilities to reach out to student therapists and the ability to follow extracurricular courses to study places, places to relax and hangout and even lunch and coffee options. Noor wants to lay focus on making these facilities more visible and accessible for students. With all WUR has to offer, students may loose clear view of what they are actually provided with at the campus. Noor believes that facilities should be promoted better in order to create a more valuable environment for all students.