VeSte candidates ’22-’23

Eight students (number 1-8) want to represent you in the upcoming academic year! We hope, as an active student, you will support our candidates. VeSte is a Student Council party that stands for active students; students who are motivated to develop themselves both inside and outside the classroom. They can do this by being members of all sorts of associations, or are active elsewhere and engage in activities that develop talent, knowledge and skills. VeSte supports these students, and we do this based on three core values: Future-proof Education, Personal Development, and an Active Student Life! This year we have worked hard to safeguard these standpoints and the candidates will continue this work next year! Don’t forget to vote on 9-12 May! Read all the statements of the candidates below and pick your favorite, or vote on someone you know!

#1 Maartje van den Bosch

Maartje is a first-year student of the master’s Biology, specialization Ecology. She is a member of student association Ceres, where she loves to do activities with her year club. In the first years of her BSc, Maartje was a member of NSW, in which she also set up a sustainability committee. In her free time, Maartje likes to chill with friends, be creative, go outside and do sports.

Maartje believes that the high-quality of education at WUR should be maintained and that on-campus learning should be stimulated. During the pandemic, on-campus education was replaced by online education, which resulted in a challenging time for our personal life and learning. To maintain and improve the high-quality education of WUR, students should be able to go to campus and make use of the educational facilities. These facilities should also include improved BYOD regulations. Furthermore, Maartje believes that every student should be able to access the education that suits them. The possibility to do resits plays an essential part in this. The flexibility that the current resits provide, is something that should be maintained.

#2 Wessel Weterings

Wessel is a fourth-year student of the bachelor’s Business and Consumer Studies at WUR. He is an active member of student Association K.S.V. Franciscus, where he is part of multiple committees like ‘Francerious Request’ and the ´sociëteitscommissie’. He loves to talk but also to listen and learn from different ideals and backgrounds. In his spare time, he plays several sports at the Bongerd, he writes, and he is part of a theater association.

Wessel strives for every student to experience the student time they want. He envisions this by creating a safe environment on and off-campus. Rules of conduct should be adhered to and in the unfortunate event that this does not happen, there should be a clear direction as to where a person can go with the problem. Moreover, Wessel believes that if communication between students and the university improves, the bar for student participation will be lowered, leading to improvements in student experiences and study programmes.

#3 Wybrig Bakker

Wybrig is a first-year student of the master’s Earth and Environment and an active member of student association SSR-W, where she loves to do activities with her year club, sorority and bar committee. You can find her also at the Frisian association, W.S.S.F.S. Besides that, Wybrig loves to do sports, relax with friends and go outside.

Next year, Wybrig wants to make mental health a more urgent point on the agenda of WUR. Since the number of students dealing with mental health problems is alarming, the university needs to undertake action by providing more professional help and opportunities to talk about mental wellbeing. Furthermore, Wybrig wants to maintain and improve the active student life of Wageningen. She believes more attention should be paid to opportunities for students to enjoy their student life to the fullest.

#4 Sanne Vermeij

Sanne is a third-year student of the bachelor Soil, Water, Atmosphere. She is an active member of K.S.V. Franciscus, where she is part of multiple committees like the financial advisory body, and the acquisition committee. At Franciscus, she also loves to do various activities with her club and sorority throughout the week.

With a passion for sustainability and the environment, an interest in individual opinions of everyone and a minor in Political Sciences, it will be her priority to make sure that everyone can and will be heard, and that the WUR will always strive to improve their sustainability. Sanne believes for example, that the materials used by the WUR have more sustainable alternatives, and that the biodiversity on campus should be healthier.

#5 Wietske de Groot

Wietske is a first-year student of the master’s Medical Biotechnology. She is a member of study association CODON, where she helped organize the 6th lustrum and is part of several committees. Besides this, she is also an active member of W.S.R. Argo and G.T.C. Walhalla where she is part of committees and practices the sports with her team and friends.

Next year, she wants to focus on improving the physical well-being of students. With online education, the risk for RSI/CANS and other physical complaints has increased. More and better opportunities to exercise and participate in sports can help students relax and it also helps decrease RSI/CANS complaints. Furthermore, Wietske aims to further improve the level of flexible education as a flexible education system enables students to combine education, employment and other interests such as top sport. She believes that making your studies fit your schedule is vital for the balance in the life of an active student.

#6 Levi Kusters

Levi is a fourth-year student of the bachelor’s Biology at WUR. Being an active member of WSKOV, where they did a board year and are still active in the financial committee and the design committee, and SHOUT, Levi is someone who embraces their creative side. Designing, puzzling, dancing, nail polish and tons of friends keep them busy in their free time. Next to that, Levi helped set up the VeSte Association over the past year.

Levi’s priority for next year is to make sure gender inclusiveness is more pronounced at the university and ensure that the student rights are fair, reasonable and accessible. And bring a little bit of colour wherever they go.

#7 Robert van Houten

Robert is a fourth-year student of the Bachelor “Agrotechnologie”. He is an active member of the study association “HeerenXVII” and a member of the tennis association “Walhalla”. Within the study association, Robert contributed to different committees like the website committee and the company meeting day committee. Next to Robert’s active student life, he is a volunteer at the Red Cross (Rode Kruis) as a first-aid responder for events, so he can assist people who are in need of help. In his free time, he likes to be with his friends and do all sorts of fun activities together.

Robert believes that every student should have access to a well-suited workspace in every phase of their study, and he will make this his top priority as a member of VeSte. For example, a well-suited workspace would mean a suitable thesis workspace for every  student doing their thesis. Robert also thinks that the (online) educational facilities for students could be improved even more, which is something he also wants to accomplish when he gets chosen for the Student Council next year.

#8 Geert Schroen

Geert is a third-year student of the bachelor’s Forest and Nature Conservation. He is active in student association KSV Franciscus, where he spends a lot of time making music and connecting with people. As a student representative, Geert also works to safeguard quality of education within his study program of Forest and Nature Conservation.

Next year, Geert wants to ensure that students can develop themselves on and off-campus. Personal development helps students grow in defining their personality and orientate what they want to do in their careers. By creating more opportunities for career events and trainings and by also creating more awareness of such activities, Geert hopes to encourage students to achieve great milestones. Besides that, it is important for students to have fun and connect with other people in extracurricular activities. Geert his main goal upcoming year, is to make sure that every student can thrive within WUR.