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This is a platform where people can share knowledge and expertise. VeSte Society will give you all the insides you need to know as a student; all the local, national and international updates will pass by. At the same time are people discussing issues with each other, and give feedback about stories that are posted in the Facebook group. The VeSte Society members are also there to give sometimes advice to the current VeSte party members, because a fresh look at topics is needed sometimes. The VeSte Society members are more involved in the topics of the VeSte party, and try to help where they can.

So, do you want to get all the knowledge you need as a student? And do you feel that the University needs improvements? Become a member and share your knowledge and ideas in the VeSte Society group.

Did you know that….
Did you know that the VeSte society exists of over 120 members?

VeSte society What do active students want? background Do you want to become A MEMBER OF THE VESTE SOCIETY? SEND AN E-MAIL TO VESTE@WUR.NL OR COME TO OUR OFFICE!