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The university has a budget available to provide new lab coats and safety goggles for students that need them during practical. However, the development of the number of first year students in the programmes for which a coat is obligatory, shows a huge mismatch, compared to the number of coats and goggles provided.

The university decided to do something about it and proposed to not provide this facility for free anymore, but let the student pay for their coat as this facility’s budget is exceeded by a lot every year. It is not obligatory for the university to provide free safety equipment, it’s just something they’ve done for many year.

Last year, VeSte voted against this proposal as we think it is the responsibility of the university to provide free safety equipment. We came up with different alternative solutions to correctly implement the regulation.

1. Add a functionality to the WUR card: to check study programme (..), to check if coats/ goggles are provided already or not to the student who is entitled

2. Mark the Proof of Enrolment in such way that it shows if a student is entitled to a free coat (+ goggles)

3. Arrange that teachers provide the lab coats in the first practicum meeting and that they register which students got one

4. Ask for a deposit that will be refunded after returning the lab coat

5. Arrange that in all labs coats are available, that they will stay there and will be cleaned timely by Wageningen University

6. Provide students with a one-time proof of qualification for the coat (voucher).

Unfortunately the university thinks none of these solutions will work out in practice, so we’ll have to look for other options. We’re on it!