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With the implementation of the Study-advance bill the basis for FOS disappears. The university can’t provide clarity until after April 1st, so student boards and committees don’t know if they will receive FOS next year.
To provide clarity for all students considering a (FOS eligible) board or committee, VeSte arranged a transition year for the academic year 2015-2016. In this year all student can apply for FOS as if the Study-advance bill wasn’t implemented. After this year a new policy will be introduced by the university, so to be continued!

Last January the Senate agreed with the ‘study-advance’ bill (nl: Studievoorschot). This will have major consequences for students, since they won’t get a basic grant (nl: basisbeurs) anymore. The bill also has effect on the financial compensation (FOS) the university provides for student boards, committees and professional athletes. The problem is that 1 FOS month is linked directly to the basic grant of the government, and what will happen now that there isn’t a basic grant anymore to link with?

The university started a working group which is going to propose an advice to the Executive Board on what to do regarding the study-advance bill. However, this advice won’t come until April 1st. This is too late for the full-time student boards, who are already looking for their successors. Their prospective successors would have to make a decision without knowing if and how they will be compensated financially by the university.

Therefore, VeSte took action and initiated a transition year for FOS for the academic year 2015-2016. In this academic year the university is going to compensate students with FOS months as if they would still receive their basic grant.

This way student boards can promise their successors that they will receive FOS next year and provide some clarity to keep the active student life of Wageningen going!

The rest of the Profiling Fund, such as compensation for study delay due to circumstances beyond your control, will fall directly under the new policy of the working group.


A few important notes:

The end date of this transition year is August 31st 2016. This is a strict deadline, if you would receive FOS after this deadline (If for example your committee or board lasts until after the summer holidays) the ‘remainder’ will fall under the new policy (as will be advised on by the working group).

New students, who have never received a basic grant to base the FOS on, can also apply for FOS. Their compensation will be ‘in the spirit of the transition year’. Basically, this means that they will receive roughly the same amount as when you would have received a basic grant.

This policy is only for FOS regarding Student boards, committees etc. and professional athletes.