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Many student go abroad with exchange, summer schools, in their master, during their thesis work etc. But did you know that Wageningen University is connected with 6 other universities in a network? The Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) is a network of leading universities cooperating in the fields of Natural Resource Management, Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Life Sciences, Animal Sciences, Food Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

Two students of Wageningen are actively working to improve this network, and make it better for students to join it. They come together with the other students from this network to discuss issues. The last meeting was in Uppsala, Sweden. Jaap Lowenthal and Soline de Jong were the lucky students who work to improve the abroad possibilities for all the students.

A couple of topics were discussed, one of them was the level of English. When you study abroad, it is very useful if you at least understand the lectures. We want to establish that every university in the ELLS network offers its courses in English. Further we want to increase the visibility of the network, still many students did never hear of this network. The quality assurance within the ELLS network is higher than at other universities to study.

Coming on the agenda is the Scientific Student Conference in Warsaw. This is an conference where students can present their thesis and network. An update will follow soon.

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