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‘What is it that you do in the Student Council?’, a lot of people wonder. Well, mostly its (boring) meetings and reading loads of dossiers. Fortunately there is also room for own initiatives! A nice example from last year is the topic of entrepreneurship among students. Simone Ritzer (VeSte ’13-’14) brought this topic to the attention of the university. Due to her Student Council network she knew to reach the right people with her  idea and get them enthused. Enough so that now the student incubator has been started up.

The student incubator is a place where students with a feeling for entrepreneurship can come together, exchange ideas, make use of the guidance of StartLife and rent a cheap office. It is meant for students in all stages of starting their own business: whether you do not really know what it is exactly you want, to having a business plan and to already running your own start-up. StartLife is a non-profit foundation funded by the province and the government which aims at fostering entrepreneurship by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, guiding people to make their ideas into a real business and by providing starter loans.

Getting interested? Boxbites, Unipartners and some others have already started off, but during the global entrepreneurship week on November 20th the incubator will be officially opened in the Triton building at the campus.  A team of mainly students is planning a great opening and a LEAN camp: a day full of workshops, brainstorms etc. where business cases will be discussed and how to improve them. A great day to learn some more about starting your own business! (Free) students tickets will become available so keep an eye out. If you should miss it, the student team will organise more lectures and other interesting activities for all of you wanting to start a business with the knowledge you acquired during your studies.

Dossier Starthub The new student incubator