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VeSte 2013-2014 started with a group of eight members. However, in the end of May 2014 we decided to continue with seven members. During our busy and exciting year, we as VeSte ’13-’14 handled a lot of documents of the Executive Board and participated in the Student Council promotional activities. If you want to know more about this you can read the annual report of the SC.

Besides all that VeSte had a lot of own initiatives and activities. VeSte sends, for example, a representative to Rocov (Regionaal Overleg Consumentenorganisaties Openbaar Vervoer). During the meetings of this public transport organisation, VeSte has drawn attention to several important infrastructural topics; the roundabout near Bornsesteeg has been discussed again, we were involved in the new bus line over the campus and there is a chance that Wageningen will be included in the night net.  

Huge steps have been made on the subject of student entrepreneurship. From next academic year onwards, the Triton building will be made available for student entrepreneurs, mainly because of the initiative of VeSte.

Moreover, VeSte was involved in the working group for designing a report on the improvement of the Orion interior, on our initiative the election regulations were improved and awareness was raised at several university departments about the, sometimes alarmingly low, level of international students.  

On a national level VeSte brought to the attention problems that may arise when the Social Loan System is introduced. The ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, OC&W in Dutch) in cooperation with several political parties has drafted a proposal for the social loan system.  If the law will be accepted as is proposed, it will mean that all new Dutch students (BSc and MSc) from September the 1st of 2015 onwards will no longer receive a study grant.

In the law (as it is now) the FOS in related to the study grant, so that means, if the study grant will become zero, Dutch students could not get any FOS anymore. VeSte ’13-’14 was in the position to ask a direct question about this to the minister on television at Knevel&vandeBrink who promised to make sure that FOS would remain.

It was a pleasure to represent you, the active students, for the year 2013-2014. We wish you all the best for your study time in Wageningen and remember to stay active!  


The year of Veste ‘13-’14 Dossier