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A few months ago the construction of the bus lane on the Campus started. It will be finished this summer and from 24th of August onwards, a bus will drive on the Campus with a new stop ‘Campus/Forum’. But what is going to happen with the old route? VeSte had talks with Syntus, the municipality and the university about the public transport towards and from Wageningen.

Until recently, the schedule of bus 88 was obvious by its simplicity. During rush hours, every ten minutes a bus passed all important locations of Wageningen. Wageningen UR, the student flats, Agro Science Park and the city centre. Also the hospital in Ede was part of the route.

With the construction of the bus lane on the Campus, the existing lane was under pressure. If the bus would not drive on the Nijenoord Allee anymore, there would be no bus stop close to Leeuwenborch, Hoevestein and Dijkgraaf. For a lot of Wageningen inhabitants it would be very inconvenient to not have a bus stop close by anymore.

The solution bus company Syntus came up with for this problem: Bus 88 will continue driving the same route as before, all former bus stops will remain. Starting 24th of August there will be a second bus line: 84. This one will go from Ede-Wageningen to the Wageningen bus station, driving over the Campus. To visualise the route, see the picture on the right

Bus 88 and 84 will be driving alternately. The schedule to the right shows how many busses will go each hour on which line and in which direction.

As of September 2014, there is an additional bus driving from Ede-Wageningen to the Wageningen Campus. This bus is not a part of the regular schedule. The bus is appreciated a lot by its users and therefore Syntus decided to keep this bus. However, they want to use it in a more flexible way, for example on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

There will be a lot of changes to the current bus line. Bus 88 and 84 will also move to the north side of the Ede-Wageningen station instead of the south side. To make sure everything goes smoothly at the 24th of August, there will be a ‘communication working group’ consisting of several stakeholders. Wageningen UR will also be part of this working group, so you can expect information on the bus lane coming from the university soon!

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